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"NCA Home Services is a distributor of 2164909 Ontario Limited, which has certified listings to CSA B483.1 through Water Quality Association.
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The RespirAide 400T functions as an air cleaner by helping to disinfect airborne microorganisms and removing particulates from the air. The centrifugal fans of the unit draw air through the front panel (Intake) on the front of the unit. Then it passes through the Pre-filter,
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Removes harmful microscopic air particles from your home. The HEPA media is HEPA certified and tested to be 99.97% effective at filtering fine particles down to 0.3 microns. It is made of very thin, densely packed micro glass fibres
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The proprietary Northern Clarity Saber Genius 24V/110V UV Object Purifier is designed to bask the evaporator coil with UVC Germicidal Energy, preventing and destroying mold, biological odors and other microbial contaminants.
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The Northern Clarity SR+ is the ideal air treatment system for homes up to 2,000 sq.ft. Borrowing from the larger R+, the SR+ is a smaller version using the same high-efficiency patented design to destroy airborne bio-chemical contaminants
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FAQ Air Systems

Q – Why is electronic better than portable media or HEPA?
A – All portable media filters require frequent replacement and lose airflow. The RespirAide has a permanent collection cell which you simply wash every 3 months and cannot plug up and lose airflow. The real advantage is in the size of pollutant particle that can be captured. The best media filter can only filter down to 0.3 microns whereas the RespirAide® can filter down to 0.01 microns which is 30 times smaller.

Q – All air cleaners claim to be 99.97% efficient, how can I be sure which one does the best job?
A – Although every air cleaner does claim to clean the air at 99% efficiency the biggest factor to keep in mind is the actual particle size. Generally advertisers will show this “Our air cleaner will operate at 99.97%* efficiency”. Wherever you see”*” you should check the fine print. This usually reads “*99.97% efficient @ 1 micron” The RespirAide® is 99.97% efficient down to 0.01 microns with NO ASTERISKS! read more

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With over 30 years of experience in marketing Home Care Products, NCA Home Services was founded in October 2002, to better the quality of life for Canadians through improving indoor air quality.

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