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"NCA Home Services is a distributor of 2164909 Ontario Limited, which has certified listings to CSA B483.1 through Water Quality Association.
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The SXT electronics of the valve provide both the owner and installer simple to operate user-friendly method of making adjustments to the control. An alternating display shows the time of day and gallons of conditioned water remaining while the conditioner is in service.
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We use ultraviolet light to disinfect your water, without the use of harsh chemicals, like chlorine, They are lightweight, easy to use and simple to maintain. This will provide you with clean, disinfected drinking water for years to come.
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The Whole Home Filter (WHF) is a solution to water filtration needs in your home. They can be used as both Point of Entry (POE) as well as Point of Use (POU) device. They are ideal to be used as a Point of Entry device at seasonal camps and can be installed in small spaces like kitchen as a POU device.
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The 7 stage water filtration system delivers high quality drinking water affordably.
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Dear NCA,
I am very happy to show how thankful I am for your company and your products. For many years my water has tasted funny and when your salesman showed me how much better your filtered water was I became interested and purchased your product. Since the water station has been installed my tea and coffee even tastes better. Thank you once again for everything.

Alice Grace

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With over 30 years of experience in marketing Home Care Products, NCA Home Services was founded in October 2002, to better the quality of life for Canadians through improving indoor air quality.

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